Providing high quality tissue samples and matched medical data to researchers working to improve maternal and fetal health.


The Edinburgh Reproductive Tissue BioBank (ERTBB) was set up to aid medical and scientific researchers working in the field of reproductive biology, with the long term goal of improving the health, diagnosis and treatment of women and their unborn infants.

The BioBank provides high quality tissue samples and matched medical data in an anonymised form for researchers working on projects which have already obtained ethical approval from an appropriate ethics committee.

If you are a researcher looking to use BioBank tissue for research please visit:

Edinburgh Reproductive Tissue Bio Bank (ERTBB) website

If you are a parent interested in donating your placenta or other tissue for research, thank you for your interest.

We are currently only recruiting directly in the hospital setting, so you may be approached for consent to discuss this research by one of our staff if you are an inpatient or if you attend an appointment.