Investigating a delayed release preparation of metformin.

METAFOR (Metformin Antenatal Formulations) was a study looking to investigate a delayed release preparation of metformin.

Metformin is the preferred first drug treatment for gestational diabetes due to its efficacy, cost effectiveness and ease of administration. However, some pregnant women and people have side effects that mean they require insulin treatment, and a growing body of research suggests metformin has some effect on the growth of babies while in the womb and once born. This suggests a need to look at whether a different kind of metformin can limit the amount of drug crossing the placenta to baby, while giving the same blood sugar control.

The study had 3 linked arms to whether this preparation is as effective as the current drug, while being better tolerated by pregnant people and women and limiting the amount of metformin passed to the baby. Each arm had its own activities and criteria to be included. The study was a pilot (initial) project.

This study is not currently recruiting.