DASHing perspectives

South Asian women's insights on the DASH Diet

South Asian pregnant woman

South Asian women face an elevated risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and obesity, influenced by various factors including genetics and lifestyle. As the DASH diet was originally developed to address hypertension, we are interested in whether it could also be relevant for other health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

This research aims to explore South Asian women's dietary preferences, readiness to incorporate the DASH diet into their daily lives specifically during pregnancy or planning pregnancy, and their beliefs about DASH dietary recommendations. The study will involve interviews with approximately 25-30 women in Scotland within the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas.

Please click the link below to see the study poster:

DASHING perspectives poster (294.61 KB / PDF)


You will be invited to participate in an in-depth interview at a mutually agreed quiet location or online and at a time of your preference. The interview is expected to last between 50 to 60 minutes. The conversation will be recorded using a digital tape recorder. No one will be identified by name on the tape. The digital recordings will be stored in the University of Edinburgh-protected cloud storage.

Please email the study team directly if you wish to take part: trialdinus@ed.ac.uk